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0002605PathFeaturepublic2016-06-29 20:08
Reporteryorik Assigned Toyorik  
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PlatformPCOSDebianOS VersionTesting 64bit
Target Version0.17 
Summary0002605: Support for G90.1 / G91.1 codes
DescriptionCurrently in Path module IJK are always incremental (relative to last XYZ point). We need to support switching:

G90.1 - absolute distance mode for I, J & K offsets
G91.1 - incremental distance mode for I, J & K offsets (default)

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related to 0002606 closedsliptonic need an R to IJ conversion function for preprocessors 


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FreeCAD: master 796d0c9f

2016-06-29 22:08:08


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Path: support for G90.1 / G91.1 GCodes (absolute/relative arc centers) - fixes 0002605 Affected Issues
mod - src/Mod/Path/Gui/ViewProviderPath.cpp Diff File

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