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Summary0002526: Add an option to show or hide the seam edges for the 3D view
DescriptionWe need to add an option to filter out the seam edges and only shows the non-seam edges in the render output or the 3D view. But I still need to let the non-seam edges shown.

To get an screen shot of the 3D view which can be used as a technical drawing(I would like to put the drawing in some papers or books), the seam lines are not needed from my point of view.

See our discussion here in the forum:
Steps To ReproduceIt is very simple to see the seam line, just add a cylinder from the Part workbench, and you will see a straight line on the face, this is the seam edge.
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Beside the above thread ( ) there is further discussion also at

Loft-seam-issue.png (57,942 bytes)   
Loft-seam-issue.png (57,942 bytes)   


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Yet another discussion on this topic:


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Another discussion:


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@Kunda1 : I'm not sure this is really same thing. This ticket is only about being able to not display seams. Nothing more. The last topic you mentioned is more about geometric issues with seams (there are quite a lot, AFAIK all are actually OCC things). ;)

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