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0002507PartDesignBugpublic2018-01-03 14:29
Reporterickby Assigned Toickby  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu OS Version15.04
Product Version0.17 
Target Version0.17Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0002507: Migration of 0.16 files fail
DescriptionAttached files cannot be migrated to 0.17 PartDesign workflow. As they are PartDesign features only this must work
Steps To Reproduce1. Load file into FreeCAD
2. Start migration routine
3. Find exclamation marks at multiple features
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related to 0003095 closed PartDesign Manual migration from 0.16 models to 0.17 models not possible 
related to 0002087 closed Assembly The Part Design migration needs to be tested and updated to new structure 
related to 0002512 closedickby PartDesign Pad/Pocket does not work with independent figures in sketch (new Partdesign) 



2016-04-15 07:48



2016-04-15 07:48


M3SE_top_cover_1.6.FCStd (790,410 bytes)


2016-04-15 09:55

reporter   ~0006972

Tried to migrate the attached bejant's file from this post and it also fails. Do not know if it is the same issue but could be handy to test.


2016-04-15 09:55


20160414a-NutTom.fcstd (26,013 bytes)


2016-04-17 08:12

administrator   ~0006983

Note, the errors you get are not related to the migration function. You can easily test this with the Force-Recompute macro.

The code:
import FreeCAD
if FreeCAD.ActiveDocument:
 for obj in FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.Objects:

When running this macro then afterwards exactly the same objects are broken as when running the migration function.

For MISE_cf_retainer_1.6.FCStd these are: Pocket, Fillet, Fillet007

For M3SE_top_cover_1.6.FCStd these are: screw posts001, screw holes001, power vga nic holes 001, front wall holes001, Pad008, Pad009

For 20160414a-NutTom.fcstd this is Pad001

So, the big question is what's the actual reason. It could be also related to the topological naming issue.


2016-04-17 08:56

administrator   ~0006984

For 20160414a-NutTom.fcstd and the broken pocket in MISE_cf_retainer_1.6.FCStd the reason is clearly the limited capabilites of the new pad/pocket function.
In the past it supported to get a compound of faces when filling a sketch (which may have several wires). Now the function ProfileBased::getVerifiedFace always expects a *single* face which might be OK for the very first sketch in the model history but is wrong for any subsequent sketch (at least as long as a single solid is the result of the following operation)

The error then is raised in line 206 where makeFace still correctly returns a compound of faces but the cast TopoDS::Face raises the exception.

Btw, makeFace may also return an empty shape which getVerifiedFace doesn't check at all. Here it should check for this and raise an exception with a meaningful text.


2016-04-17 18:18

developer   ~0006986

yes this is clearly wrong behavior, the enforcement of a single solid should happen elsewhere.


2016-04-21 16:13

reporter   ~0006995

I don't know if something changed or if I could have done this before, but today I am able to work on the MISE_* documents above by just answering No to the migrate prompt that pops up. Everything seems to work exactly the same as before, allowing for a couple issues that don't have anything to do with this bug. (Delete option removed from right-click menu on model tree items. Start page keeps re-appearing and minimizing my drawing page even though I had closed it.)


2017-05-02 21:51

administrator   ~0008866

Related forum thread:


2017-06-17 23:51

manager   ~0009433

Last edited: 2017-06-17 23:51

Since bug severity was set as major by @ickby, I'm setting target version to 0.17 so this report appears in the roadmap.


2018-01-02 17:02

administrator   ~0010672

Behaviour has changed somewhat. For file 20160414a-NutTom.fcstd on recompute the sketch solver reports an error about conflicting constraints. When removing them then a recompute creates a fully valid document.

When creating a Part container then the migration works successfully.


2018-01-02 18:20

administrator   ~0010675

Looking a bit further.

The real problem was the function ProfileBased::getVerifiedFace which didn't support multi-wire sketches but this has been fixed with
And as said above the errors you get is not due to a broken migration function but because the model has some flaws.
Currently the real limitation is that the Part container isn't created automatically any more as it was in the past. So, by doing this the ticket can be considered as fixed.


2018-01-03 14:29

administrator   ~0010684

Automatic creation of the part container was broken with (removal of PartDesign_Part command) and is fixed with

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