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0002504PartDesignBugpublic2017-03-18 20:36
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Target Version0.17Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0002504: Crash in pad function after undoing some operations
DescriptionMaybe this is related to lack of knowledge how to correctly work with the new PartDesign.

In it's said under point 6.) that one can apply e.g. revolutions on a face of a feature.
When doing so on e.g. a pad object then it creates the Revolution object but raises an error dialog that the selected object neither is a sketch nor a Part2DObject.

The Revolution object is not inside the Body feature but outside. When I now use the Migrate command it creates a Part object where all object seems to sorted correctly. Of course, the tip shape is still empty because the revolution is still invalid.

When I run undo three times to go back to the state of the pad object the view is empty but no errors are reported.

When I edit the pad and change some values nothing happens. When I leave edit mode and re-enter it then FreeCAD crashes as soon as I change a value.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create Body, Sketch, Pad
2. Select a face and press Revolve => error
3. Run the Migrate command
4. 3x undo
5. Edit Pad, change a value and leave it
6. Edit Pad again and change a value => crash
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2016-04-14 11:42

developer   ~0006963

The Revolution tool seems not to be portet to the new behavior and fails in the creation command. Also the error handling is bad, after failing no object should have been created.


2016-04-14 11:43

developer   ~0006964

Groove tool shows same behavior


2016-04-16 13:15

administrator   ~0006976

This was quite a tricky error because it was hard to locate the code where the actual problem occurred. After spending some hours on it I finally found the problematic location in the source code:
it was crashing inside ViewProviderBody::slotChangedObjectApp because the view provider is a dangling pointer because the boost connection wasn't disconnected when the object has been destroyed.

The regression was caused with commit:

This crash is fixed now, however, the pad object still doesn't come up again. It looks like the geometry of the sketcher has been erased. When trying to edit sketch it still crashes after a while. There might be a few more boost signals that haven't been disconnected at destruction time.


2016-04-16 14:53

administrator   ~0006978

Update on the sketcher:
the geometry list is still intact and also the shape is valid but for any reason the scene graph is (almost) empty. It contains the root node and some switches but all the nodes of any view provider are gone.

The lack of nodes is responsible for the crash when trying to edit the sketch because the mouseMove method uses getPointOnRay which doesn't check for an empty SoPath.


2016-04-16 15:38

administrator   ~0006979

The basic problem is that there is no program logic implemented that restores the layout of the scene graph when undoing an operation.

In this case the Migrate command puts the 1st created body feature underneath a 2nd body feature, internally it calls removeViewProvider and puts the root node to the 2nd body feature. The undo then removes the link from the 1st body feature to the 2nd body feature and also reorders the tree view but never calls addViewProvider to put back the root node as top-level node to the scene graph.

Note, this is not related that revolution & groove is not yet ready for the new part design workflow. The same behaviour can be demonstrated when loading an old project with a pad inside. Calling Migrate and Undo makes the pad disappear, too.


2016-04-18 14:14

developer   ~0006988

another example to test (simpler):
1. PartDesign workbench: create a Part container.
2. Part workbench: Create a cube
3. In tree view, drag the cube into Part container. So far so good.
4. Drag the cube back out of Part. The cube disappears.
See also


2017-03-18 20:27

administrator   ~0008647

> another example to test (simpler):
For the sake of completeness the issue reported by DeepSOIC is something different because:
1. the failure of the first issue is about broken undo which is not tested in the second case
2. PR 616 fixes the first issue while the second issue has been fixed in the meantime


2017-03-18 20:36

administrator   ~0008648

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