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0002457RaytracingGeneralpublic2020-12-05 07:24
Reporterdrei Assigned Tohowetuft  
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PlatformGNU LinuxOSArch LinuxOS Version64 bit
Target Version0.19 
Summary0002457: Add an option in Raytracing preferences to toggle between adding hard coded presets or not
DescriptionCurrently, whenever a POV file is created FreeCAD automatically appends the camera settings that are hard coded into the routines. Some users would like to have absolute control of this, either through manually coding them or using a template.

Any chance a preference setting could be added to the workbench to toggle this behaviour?
Steps To ReproduceIn Raytracing, after creating the scene, select export POV file.

Examining the code shows that FreeCAD has already added camera presets, even when the template defines them as well.
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2017-12-12 15:38

manager   ~0010591


Is this ticket "Sketcher" related? Do we need a Raytracing project? :)


2020-12-03 22:43

administrator   ~0015064

@howetuft care to weigh in on this ticket as well? Thanks :)


2020-12-05 07:23

developer   ~0015082

Render WB has a Camera feature, which is fully configurable. Camera settings (position, direction, FOV...) are no longer hard-coded in the template, but controlled in the model. This ticket can be closed!

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