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0002426FreeCADBugpublic2017-01-31 18:08
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Summary0002426: Union error: two circles of the same size in different parts destroy the union.
DescriptionUnion error
Steps To Reproducesee the video
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2016-01-29 23:02


test2A.FCStd (Attachment missing)


2016-03-07 02:53

manager   ~0006892

For one thing I think Fusion002 is not an appropriate use of a boolean union feature, since it is not even used for another boolean operation (which is usually why one would fuse non-intersecting parts). In this case, a clone of a compound made from P11_HalterLinksunten and P11_HalterLinksMitte would have been more suited. A compound does not display the behavior shown in the video.

And finally, considering how the topic discussion evolved after this bug report was created (from what Google Translate could tell me), in my opinion this is not a valid bug report.


2017-01-17 20:14

administrator   ~0007850

verdict on this bug?


2017-01-21 02:10

administrator   ~0007902

Per @r-frank this issue is resolved

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