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0002421FreeCADMerge requestpublic2016-01-27 23:55
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Summary0002421: Upgrade to matplotlib 1.5.0 or greater depends upon matplotlib and currently uses the 1.4.3 API however 1.5.x was released in October of 2015 and they are preparing release 2.0. Furthermore, in order to build on OS X, we have to revert to 1.4.3 by cloning a home-brew repo and checking out a specific home-brew commit that is obviated if we simply move to a newer version of matplotlib - recommendation is 1.5.x or greater.
Additional InformationThe proposed changes:

1) Modify to use the matplotlib 1.5.x API (a one-line import change only)
2) In accordance with cmake conventions, modify CMakeLists to specify version 1.5.0 in the find_package() for matplotlib
3) Extend the matplotlib cmake module to support find_package version requirements
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related to 0002414 closedblacey Implement continuous integration for Mac OS X builds 



2016-01-27 04:55

developer   ~0006759

It appears that .travis.yml on master does not currently include matplotlib when building... Need to also add sudo apt-get install -y python-matplotlib to .travis.yml.


2016-01-27 17:10

developer   ~0006762

During regression testing on Ubuntu, I discovered that common linux package managers do not offer matplotlib libraries newer than version 1.3.1 so I have changed the implementation to dynamically import the appropriate matplotlib api versus requiring the newer matplotlib version 1.5.1 or greater.

More details on the change can be found here -


2016-01-27 21:44

developer   ~0006763

Yorik, I'm assigning this to you so you can merge the resulting pull request

Pretty simple and benign change that I regressed on OS X and Linux.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I should follow some other process because this is my first FreeCAD CR and pull request.

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FreeCAD: master 9f907f5d

2016-01-27 07:30:42


Details Diff
Upgraded Plot module to comply with matplotlib 1.5.x API will check the version of matplotlib imported using the
distutils.version.StrictVersion class. If the version is less
than 1.5.0, it will import the legacy gt4agg NavigationToolbar
from matplotlib, otherwise the 1.5.x version.

Resolves 0002421
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mod - src/Mod/Plot/ Diff File

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