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0002387FreeCADBugpublic2017-07-11 20:06
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Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version0.15 
Summary0002387: Unexpected position when rotating multiple objects
DescriptionWhen rotation multiple objects selected together, all seems to be rotated properly, but after refresh, some of the objects are not at the expected place.
Undo and Redo features also have unexpected results. This will need another BT when I will be able to reproduce.
See attached file.
Steps To Reproduce1) Select Draft
2) Draw 2 lines
3) Select 2 lines from the tree view OR using ctrl+click on each
4) Select Rotate function
5) Ctrl+click center
6) Ctrl+click base-angle
7) Ctrl+click and rotate 315 degrees
RESULT: After finishing the objects are in the expected position.
8) F5 (aka Refresh display)
RESULT: One of the objects is not in their expected position
9) Undo
RESULT: sometimes it will restore correctly and sometimes not
10) F5 and undo
RESULT: chaos
11: F5 and redo
RESULT: chaos
Tagsrotate, undo
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related to 0002504 closedickby PartDesign Crash in pad function after undoing some operations 
related to 0002055 closedkkremitzki FreeCAD Undo and redo of fillet restore it incorrectly 



2016-01-01 17:19


bug rotate.pdf (Attachment missing)


2017-01-17 16:57

administrator   ~0007841

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I added the step-by-step portion (for the PDF file) with some embellishments.
I tried to reproduce but couldn't get F5 AKA Refresh to work.


2017-05-01 23:08

administrator   ~0008842

@NormandC can you take a stab at this?


2017-05-13 21:39

administrator   ~0008997

Closing as testers were not able to reproduce.

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