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0000222FreeCADBugpublic2010-12-31 12:04
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Product Version0.11 
Summary0000222: Union of Box and Torus
Create a box
Crate Torus
Try to union them.

Additional InformationWin7 32bit
latest unstable build (3797)
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duplicate of 0000177 closed [Part] Boolean operation fail with complex shapes 



2010-12-21 10:54

administrator   ~0000465

This is a bug or limitation of the OpenCascade CAD kernel. There are many known problems with boolean operations with certain shapes.


2010-12-28 14:32

reporter   ~0000475

Last edited: 2010-12-28 14:33

Just to report - I have tested this with NaroCAD, and it seems to work. Union and cut with Box, Torus and sphere worked fine. NaroCAD works with Open CasCade too.


2010-12-28 15:59

administrator   ~0000476

In OCC for many things there are two or more algorithms available to do certain tasks. Especially, for boolean operations there is a second algorithms which apparently is even faster but not very accurate. Maybe the NaroCAD guys used this alternative. I have to check...

Many thanks for the hint!


2010-12-30 11:26

administrator   ~0000477

I got the difference. The point is that we always delete the internal triangulation of a shape after displaying it to free some memory and keep exported brep files files rather slim. However, for certain shapes such as torus this has some drawbacks like the not properly working boolean operations.


2010-12-31 12:04

administrator   ~0000479

Fixed in 3842. To solve the issue all occurrences of BRepTools::Clean have been removed since this causes the problems for BOP of torus.

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