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0002167FreeCADBugpublic2019-09-11 21:21
Reportervitorvitorvitor88 Assigned Toabdullah  
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformWindows 7 64 bitsOSWindows 
Product Version0.15 
Fixed in Version0.16 
Summary0002167: Datum 10.5295 mm for the constraint with index 8 is invalid
DescriptionImpossible to assign the dimension of a line between two points using line length constraint. And the clicking order (point picking turning green after one another ) influences the sign of the dimension reported when the crash windows appears.

If i pick the greater X valued point first and then the smaller, the error windows reported sign is negative otherwise it's positive.
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related to 0004123 feedback MacOS "Datum (whatever dimension) mm for the constraint with index (whatever constraint) is invalid." 



2015-06-23 00:31


free_cad.png (Attachment missing)


2015-07-20 04:20

manager   ~0006253

I can not replicate the problem. I mean: I can make a rectangle and use the Distance constraint (the two sided arrow icon) to set a line length by selecting any of its points first and then the other. No matter if they have a higher X value or a lower one.

If you still have this issue, please attach the file where this behaviour is shown, so that I can replicate.

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