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0002070SketcherFeaturepublic2017-01-30 23:47
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Summary0002070: Bezier curves - Splines in sketcher
DescriptionSince Bezier and splines are already in the Draft Workbench, my understanding is that part of the problem with including them in the sketcher is related to constraints.
I would be happy with a partial functionality:
My problem: I want do draw a branch of a parabola given two fixed points and the tangents to the parabola at the same points. In this case, quadratic Beziers come in nicely, I just need the first point, an out-of-curve point (the point of intersection of the two tangents) and the second point.
The parabola would be fully constrained by locking the end points and fixing the direction of the two tangents (thru the fixed point), or by locking the out-of-curve point.
    Revolve around one of the axes (not necessary coincident with the axis of the parabola) and you have a trunk of a parabola, and voilá; the approximation of a bell shaped rocket expansion nozzle.
    A saddle may also be generated.

For higher order Bezier or splines, a similar approach of locking end and internal points and the derivatives at the end points would probably generate useful curves.
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2016-02-05 14:52

developer   ~0006806

Parabola can be well approximated with a very large elongated arc of ellipse.


2017-01-27 03:44

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please check


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@hinckel please respond to @abdullah in


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per OP in

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