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0002064DrawingBugpublic2015-12-15 13:18
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04
Fixed in Version0.16 
Summary0002064: Editable text changes in drawing template not restored.
DescriptionI am not sure if this is related and therefore i decided to open new bug report:

I was testing editable text in drawing workbench and noticed changes don't persist? I am quite sure this used to work in the past and the changes persisted.

I looked inside the .fcstd file and noticed actual change is saved. I am guessing at load time instead of loading SVG from inside the .fcstd file default drawing template with the same name is used instead?
Steps To Reproduce- Insert default drawing template.
- In Property View make some changes to editable text.
- Save the file and close FreeCAD.
- Reopen the file and check if text was saved or defaults are loaded again.
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related to 0001963 closedwmayer FreeCAD Only write needed user data in FCSTD file if any. 



2015-04-24 23:07

developer   ~0006085

I've confirmed this bug, it is caused by commit 8476bab - will look into a fix.


2015-04-25 01:12

developer   ~0006086

The issue here is that the Template path Property is changed by FeaturePage::onDocumentRestored(), which triggers FeaturePage::onChanged() to get the editable text values again from the template. The old check for !isRestoring() in FeaturePage::onChanged() doesn't work as intended, because by the point that onDocumentRestored() is called, isRestoring() returns false.

I'm not sure what the best fix for this is, because it's hard to tell the difference between loading a document and changing a template, from the perspective of FeaturePage::onChanged. What would be ideal is if the functionality in FeaturePageonDocumentRestored() could be triggered just before document restore has been completed.

A possible fix is at , though that might not be the ideal solution when changing templates... -Ian-

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FreeCAD: master 74c912f1

2015-05-02 13:14:38


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