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0002007FreeCADBugpublic2015-04-10 06:10
Reportershoogen Assigned Towmayer  
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Product Version0.16 
Summary0002007: Base::Rotation::get/setYawPitchRoll uses wrong euler convention
DescriptionThe current implementation performs the rotations in the wrong order. It works like gp_Intrinsic_XYZ when it should work like gp_Intrinsic_ZYX.
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related to 0002045 closedwmayer Make Euler Rotation default or user-pref default 



2015-03-14 19:54

administrator   ~0005874

The implementation as we have works so it's not a bug. And since we don't know who uses it already in Python or C++ it is dangerous to change the implementation because this breaks existing code.

So, it might be better to additionally offer an alternative method.


2015-03-14 20:43

developer   ~0005875

> The implementation as we have works so it's not a bug.
It does not work as documented.

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FreeCAD: master 0950b330

2015-03-15 18:53:03


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+ issue 0002007: Base::Rotation::get/setYawPitchRoll uses wrong euler convention Affected Issues
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FreeCAD: master 16c1dbd2

2015-03-15 20:58:53


Committer: wmayer Details Diff
document the convention used for Euler angles (XY'Z'')

in the Placement dialog and the docstrings of the Rotation python class.
fixes 0002007
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mod - src/Gui/Placement.cpp Diff File
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