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0002005DrawingFeaturepublic2015-12-15 13:18
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Fixed in Version0.16 
Summary0002005: Branded Drawing Templates
DescriptionI added FreeCAD Logo to the set of Plain and ISO7200 Drawing Templates. I used non-color variant for ISO7200 set. There is simple "switch" inside drawing templates that user can use to control (text editor) and to show/hide the FreeCAD logo (style="display:none").

A4_Landscape_ISO7200.svg is not recommended size but nonetheless FreeCAD users will use it quite often. I renamed current one to a4_Landscape_ISO7200.svg (renamed and added to ZIP file) and it will not be shown in drop-down menu. I think it should stay for future reference if anybody else will work on drawing templates to have more reference. I added new A4_Landscape_ISO7200.svg drawing template and made a "compact variant" of titleblock for it.
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2015-03-13 23:44

developer (23,978 bytes)


2015-03-13 23:44


BrandedTemplates.png (41,243 bytes)   
BrandedTemplates.png (41,243 bytes)   


2015-03-16 00:15

developer   ~0005876

I had some spare time over the weekend and i worked on mentioned set of drawing templates a bit more. In general it was about polishing. For example Supplementary information field now has more standard/sensible line spacing and as result additional 2 lines of text are now possible (now 6 before 4). FreeCAD logo (non-color variant) has the same line weight as the rest of the titleblock and it is now transparent instead of white. Suggested time format was already altered to more sensible default...

I think for now this set of templates should work OK. In the future when DW advances drawing templates can follow the progress. For example font sizes to take into consideration the size of the drawing and based on that to use standard/sensible defaults for font size.

About A4 Landscape ISO7200 drawing template:

There is no point in having 20mm left margin on left edge for this one. It is already A4 size therefore there isn't any folding to A4 size involved. Filing A4 Landscape ISO7200 drawing template by using left edge for making punch holes doesn’t make much sense. A4 Landscape ISO7200 template i made has 10mm margin on all edges. Users following standard recommendations will probably use A4 Portrait drawing template and add orientation marks on it. To make and view it as A4 landscape technical drawing!

A4 Landscape ISO7200 drawing template got a bit more polishing from my initial version to resolve some issues like overlapping text and a bit to tiny font.

Anyway to sum it up:
- I consider the work done from this feature/pull request point of view.
- In my opinion there is additional value added and it would make sense to merge this before FreeCAD 0.15 is released. is the only package that should get merged. Included drawing templates are updated version of already included drawing templates and no new ones are added!



2015-03-16 00:19



2015-04-08 01:21

developer   ~0005975


What is status on this pull request? Will get merged or not?

P.S. I was thinking of doing DXF version to supplement SVG drawing templates as FreeCAD has two drawing template systems. Users exporting drawings to DXF would probably like to have and expect drawing template is exported.


2015-04-10 15:19

administrator   ~0005993

I'm not too sure what is needed here? What is the version of the file to be added? Can you maybe delete the older one so there is no confusion? Also, do these templates replace the existing ones?


2015-04-10 15:35

developer   ~0005994

Content of should be merged. Everything else is outdated.

(I don't have permission to delete outdated file.)

Yes, the templates will replace existing ones. In a week or two i will open new report and add supplementary DXF drawing templates to be merged.



2015-04-10 18:57

administrator   ~0005996

Ok, will merge!

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