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0001893FreeCADBugpublic2020-01-07 16:49
ReporterMavortius Assigned ToKunda1  
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OSWindowsOS Version8.1 
Product Version0.14 
Target Version0.19Fixed in Version0.19 
Summary0001893: 3D mouse rotation issue
DescriptionI am using a 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator with 3DxWare 10.2.1 driver (3DxWinCore

While rotating a part model forward or backward, the zoom jumps out or in, respectively, by about 5%. The faster the rotation, the more frequent the jumps. Rotating the model 90° can cause the zoom to change by about 50%. I can quickly lose sight of the model either because I zoom too far in or out - without even meaning to zoom.

Panning, zooming, sideways rotation, and (counter-)clockwise rotation still work fluidly. Only vertical (forward and backward) rotation is posing a problem.
Steps To ReproduceIn Tools>Customize>Spaceball Motion, the "Flip Y/Z" setting is checked.
Additional InformationMy SpaceNavigator does not exhibit this issue in other applications.

Workaround: "changing the Advanced Settings to disable Navigation worked perfectly" 0001893:0007694
Tags3dconnexion, mouse, rotate, spacenavigator, zoom
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related to 0004002 new [Feature Request] Revit rotation stop on Scroll Release 



2015-01-04 18:10

developer   ~0005513

Even with Dominant mode checked ?


2015-01-05 04:14

reporter   ~0005520

Yes, actually. With or without dominant mode.


2015-01-06 17:33

developer   ~0005542

This sounds familiar, but it was so long ago I can't remember what the solution was. First thing I would try is rename your user.cfg file. Do it while freecad is NOT running. When you run freecad again it will rebuild a default user.cfg. See if that makes a difference.

user.cfg file should be in your hidden freecad folder in your home directory.


2015-01-08 18:53

reporter   ~0005601

Okay, I saw the new user.cfg file appear after closing the app. It looks like the "Flip Y/Z" setting has no effect. Those two axes rotate smoothly, so the X axis (of my perspective) must be the problem.


2016-06-18 12:54

reporter   ~0007153

I was seeing exactly the same symptoms as Mavortius.

What is going on, is that the background 3Dconnexion processes are translating a rotation around the X axis into its default mouse action, which is a rotation of the mouse wheel. Most processes interpret that as a scroll window request. FreeCAD typically interprets it as a zoom request.

To resolve the problem open the Space Navigator or appropriate 3Dconnexion Properties app from the task bar. (Likely you will find it among the hidden icons on the right end of the task bar.) If FreeCAD doesn't appear at the top of the 3Dconnexion Properties app, make sure that FreeCAD is running and has the focus (is the topmost window) then try again. Click on the Advanced Settings button. In Advanced Settings, make sure that all of the check boxes under Navigation are unchecked (i.e. Pan/Tilt, Rotation and Dominant). Click on Close, and you should be good to go.


2017-01-12 23:49

reporter   ~0007694

FYI: I had this exact issue, and changing the Advanced Settings to disable Navigation worked perfectly.


2018-11-12 20:10

reporter   ~0012182

Bingo, I was able to fix it with 3dconnexion FreeCAD advanced settings, uncheck rotation.

This deserves a sentence in the Wiki


2018-12-24 12:53

administrator   ~0012339

@wmayer please weigh-in


2019-09-05 19:53

administrator   ~0013535

@NealEhardt Do you mind updating the wiki with this info ?


2019-09-19 13:58

reporter   ~0013646

Wiki is updated. Thanks for helping me set up my account.

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