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0000185FreeCADBugpublic2010-12-20 11:11
Reporterpperisin Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionnot fixable 
Product Version0.10 
Summary0000185: 0.11.3660 - bug with screen where part is
DescriptionI have build version from subversion 3660 Ubuntu maveric that is running in virtualBox. I have problems because part of screen that draws part is drawn above all menus, other windows that should be above it, even when you suspend system. see picture below
Additional InformationWin7 32bit, virtual box, ubuntu 10.10
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2010-10-27 08:19


FreeCAD.png (Attachment missing)


2010-10-27 16:17

administrator   ~0000392

Very interesting. Never saw such a strange error. It could be a bug in Maverick or an issue with your OpenGL driver. Can you test this with another OpenGL-based application like Blender?


2010-10-28 19:03

reporter   ~0000395

i can install Blender, But I've never worked with it. Can you tell me what should I do in it (short tutorial)


2010-10-30 05:12

viewer   ~0000396

I've installed version 3555 (unstable for windows) and everything is ok.
It might be graphic drivers, but I don't know what should I do to make it work on Linux.


2010-11-13 19:10

administrator   ~0000415

Running an opengl app such as Freecad in a virtualbox machine might indeed give you problems I think.

A first thing to try would be to disable all desktop effects (Settings->Appearence->Effects->no effects) because they are also opengl and I think opengl on top of opengl on top of virtualbox might be too much for the system, and another thing would be installing blender, open it, play a bit with the 3D view (rotate it with the middle mouse button etc) and see if no opengl artifact appears. I'm not sure installing 3D drivers in a virtualbox environment would solve much, because the display is also virtual...


2010-12-20 11:11

administrator   ~0000463

Just tested it on Ubuntu Maverick inside Virtual Box and there is no problem at all. So, it must be an OpenGL problem on your system...

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