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0001791FreeCADBugpublic2015-01-12 00:10
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Product Version0.14 
Summary0001791: Counterbores do not follow when hole is moved
DescriptionWhen making a hole through a solid with counterbores on both sides, when later moving the hole, one of the counterbores will not follow. Please refer to this forum post:

Steps To Reproduce1) Make a sketch with 20x20mm square with a 10mm diam circle inside
2) Pad #1 out 20mm to make cube with a 10mm hole
3) Make a new sketch on same plane as #1 with a 12mm diam circle with the center coincident with the hole from #1. To align the circles, use the icon with the blue dashed line above a blue box ("create an edge link to an external geometry") to highlight the existing hole edge and it's centerpoint. Then use the coincident tool to line up the centerpoint of the new circle with the centerpoint of the existing hole.
4) pocket 0000003 circle 4mm deep so now there is a 4mm deep counterbore (shoulder) concentric with the hole
5) Flip the cube over and do the same thing as 0000003, but on a new sketch on the opposite side.
6) Go back to sketch 1 and move the original hole. The 2nd counterbore will not follow and is now offset.
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related to 0001339 closedwmayer Crash when giving sketch with external geometry a new support (face) after the original support was deleted 



2014-10-20 17:03


counterboretest_aftermove.FCStd (Attachment missing)


2015-01-06 15:50

administrator   ~0005541


2015-01-11 21:20

manager   ~0005618

This bug means that the Sketcher External Geometry tool is basically useless since even a minute change in an upstream sketch or feature deletes all external geometry from the following sketches.

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FreeCAD: master e16305cb

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