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0001723FreeCADFeaturepublic2014-12-30 21:59
ReporterScalpel78 Assigned Towmayer  
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Summary0001723: Display errormessage in tree in tooltip
DescriptionWhen there is a problem with a feature or a sketch a red exclamation mark appears in the tree. Hovering the mouse over the exclamation mark displays the error message down in the bottom left corner of FreeCAD.

The errormessage is easily missed when it is down in the corner.

I suggest a popup appears where you hover the mouse, and that the errormessage is displayed there.
Steps To ReproduceCreate anything that will cause an error. In my case I created a sketch which overlapped the vertical axix, and then used the PartDesign>Revolve task. That caused the error "Revolve axis intersects the sketch", but I didn't notice the error down in the corner.
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