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0001707PartDesignBugpublic2018-09-16 14:37
Reporterian.rees Assigned Towandererfan  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinux 64 bitOSFedoraOS Version20
Target Version0.18Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0001707: PartDesign - Inconsistent handling of multiple pieces
DescriptionIt's possible to create parts using normal PartDesign tools, which have multiple unattached pieces (for lack of a better word), but the current iteration of PartDesign only seems capable of handling parts with single pieces. So, some pieces get thrown away, leaving only one of the pieces in the 3D view.
Steps To ReproduceOpen attached document, change the depth of the pocket from 9mm to >=10mm. Observe that one end of the box disappears.

Instead, either the two end pieces should remain (preferable in my opinion), or the user should be informed that this is an error and the change in pocket depth shouldn't be allowed.
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has duplicate 0003401 closedwandererfan Sketch goes to pad and the pad vanishes without explaination, please add warning message 
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2014-08-23 23:14


pocket bug.fcstd (8,915 bytes)


2017-01-31 01:19

administrator   ~0008115

Forum thread:


2017-01-31 18:20

administrator   ~0008132

per wandererfan in
> The Part Design Workbench provides tools for modelling complex solid parts and is based on a Feature editing methodology to produce a single contiguous solid. It is intricately linked with the Sketcher Workbench.

> What is a single contiguous solid? This is an item like a casting or something machined from a single block of metal. If the item involves nails, screws, glue or welding, it is not a single contiguous solid. As a practical example, PartDesign would not be used to model a wooden chair, but would be used to model the subcomponents (legs, slats, seat, etc). The subcomponents are combined using the Assembly, Part or Draft workbench.


2017-01-31 18:39

developer   ~0008135

This item is not about whether Part Design does or does not support contiguous solids, it's about making the UI consistent.

"either the two end pieces should remain (preferable in my opinion), or the user should be informed that this is an error and the change in pocket depth shouldn't be allowed."


2017-06-18 00:17

manager   ~0009436

"either the two end pieces should remain (preferable in my opinion)

It has clearly been stated by @ickby on the forum that on 0.17 and PartDesignNext, a Body cannot contain more than one solid. It's both a design decision coming from the project founder jriegel as well as something that apparently cannot be circumvented in the code.

So this becomes a usability issue - the user should be informed that an operation that creates more than a single solid isn't permitted and should be presented with a choice: cancel to edit the sketch or proceed and remove one of the solids. Showing a preview of which solid will be discarded in translucent red, like for transformation errors, would be helpful.


2017-06-18 00:18

manager   ~0009437

Setting target version as 0.17 - this has been a long standing source of confusion for users, doing something about it for 0.17 would be desirable.


2017-06-21 10:41

administrator   ~0009477

Changing to 'blocker' since this is a departure from the current FC paradigm (per normandc's comment) and the user isn't informed.


2018-09-16 14:37

manager   ~0011758

On July 13th 2018 a warning message was added in master as well as in the releases/FreeCAD-0-17 branch. Related commits are 1889f1f8, 1dd565ee and 5c3f7bf8. This is included in FreeCAD 0.17.13528 or later.

It has been discussed on the forum that the single solid restriction may be lifted in the future, but there is no plan to implement it, nor any volunteer to assume this work, so I'm closing this report now as fixed. What we can do is create a new report as enhancement request rather than bug.

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