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0001672RaytracingBugpublic2018-09-22 08:49
Reportertriplus Assigned Towmayer  
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04
Fixed in Version0.18 
Summary0001672: Raytracing export to POV-Ray - respect ASCII convention for I/O filenames
DescriptionSeeing FreeCAD is now complying with POV-Ray strict object identifiers naming convention: 0001663

There is one more thing preventing FreeCAD end users to expect 100% success rate when everything is setup correctly. POV-Ray has quite strict I/O filename naming convention. For example no empty spaces or umlauts are allowed in I/O filename/path ATM. We can only imagine how big impact this has on success rate where user defines filename with empty space in it or for example tries to save the image to a folder with non-ASCII character in its name...

I thought about how this could be solved (for FreeCAD POV-RAY users) and will list 3 possible solutions:

1.) File save dialogue would not allow non-ASCII characters in output filename/path. While this could work if implemented i doubt users of FreeCAD would be happy with this in the long run.

2.) Give the users what they want (utf8) by leveraging FreeCAD capabilities. Long story short currently POV-Ray takes care of saving the output file by FreeCAD making to POV-Ray executable where +O directive is added and user defined output filename/path from GUI dialogue is attached to +O directive!

I propose adding 2 more steps to the process compared to current solution:

Step one:
If possible +O directive would be replaced with temporary ASCII filename that would be saved to temporary location.

Step two:
FreeCAD takes care of moving/copying temporary made image file to user defined location (from the GUI dialogue).

3.) If solution 2 is not possible render the image directly to (ASCII filename) temporary location and open it in Image Workbench. If this is currently possible user probably should be notified produced image is not saved before closing FreeCAD and it should be done manually before closing FreeCAD if users would like to permanently store the image.
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@triplus is this still reproducible ?


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