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0001663FreeCADBugpublic2014-08-08 01:52
Reportergenii Assigned Toyorik  
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Platformx86_64OSKubuntu 14.04.1 
Product Version0.14 
Summary0001663: Raytracing export to POVRay file syntax issue
DescriptionThis is with nightly git
Default part names like Part1 (Solid) are not changed to something POVRay can parse.It complains "expected '=' but found '(' "
Steps To ReproduceConvert a part to a solid and export that to POV file.
Attempt to render on commandline with POVRay.
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2014-08-03 21:36

developer   ~0004917

I just wanted to open similar bug report for situations when empty spaces are exported from FreeCAD object label into POV-Ray object identifier producing Parse Error instead of rendered image and i will complement this bug report with additional information.

POV-Ray is quite strict when defining (object) identifiers:

-1 to 40 characters long
-upper and lower case letters
-digits 0 through 9
-underscore character is allowed
-first character must be an alphabetic character.

I was thinking first step could be to remove empty spaces and replace them with underscore character. Empty space in FreeCAD object Label is quite common and we can only imagine how low success rate we have when users pressing the render button. Anyway after thinking about this further i do believe more general solution must be provided to get high success rate when user presses render button in FreeCAD.

Two thought:

1.) Use FreeCAD internal object name instead of (user defined) object Label. I guess this could cover most scenarios but i am not sure about all objects in FreeCAD (current and future) how they comply with POV-Ray rules.

2.) Export FreeCAD object into POV-Ray identifier and replace FreeCAD object label/name with for example:


Second solution would probably always work as expected. In both cases it will be harder to find corresponding object when manually editing .pov file but on the bright side as said render button will probably always work.


2014-08-08 01:11

administrator   ~0004925

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Hm it seems to be the same problem indeed. Surely solution 1 is better... Looks simple to fix (FreeCAD internal names already comply to these rules)

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FreeCAD: master 6b5b1a74

2014-08-08 03:24:57


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Raytracing: Using names instead of labels in exported files - fixes 0001663 Affected Issues
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