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0001643SketcherFeaturepublic2014-09-17 16:45
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Summary0001643: Sketcher: Button to remove all redundant constraints.
DescriptionWhen drawing a sketch, redundant constraints are often created in my case, such as horizontal and snap-to-point. The sketcher then shows that there are redundant constraints, and I have to browse the list to find and delete them.

I suggest to add a button "Remove redundant constraints" to delete them more quickly.

Of course, suggestions from 0001464, like highlighting the redundant constraints in the list or creating a filter for them would be good, too.

Is it also possible to show the redundant constraints in pairs? This way, I could more easily see which constraint I made on purpose and which was maybe made automagically.
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related to 0001464 closedabdullah Feature Request for Easier Way to Find Conflicting Constraints 



2014-07-29 06:31

developer   ~0004865

I don't think this is a good idea. By definition it is enough to remove all but one of the redunant constraints to keep the wanted behaviour, but which one to delete and which one to keep? It is impossible to guess what would be the users preference and IMHO would lead to some frustration if the wrong constraitn gets deleted. And deleting all is useless as then one would to start over again to constraint the dof in question.

Highlighting then on the other side would be usefull.

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FreeCAD: master 34cc7c31

2014-08-29 17:01:10


Committer: wmayer Details Diff
Sketcher new feature: Select Conflict and Redundant Constraints

Based (and solves) Mantis ticket:

The ticket refers only to redundant, and ask for deletion.

Two commands are created, one for redundant constraints and other for conflicting constraints.

As usually removing one constraint of the "at least one" is sufficient, the implementation selects the constraints (but does not delete them).

The user therefore easily identify the constraints involved and decide to delete them.

This implementation takes into account the edit->Actsketch that ViewProvidedSketch creates for solving, as it is this instance the one that generates the messages in the Sketcher Taskbar.

No buttons in the toolbar by default (can be added by the user), but an hyperlink in the solver messages which triggers the selection of the appropriate command (conflicting or redundant).
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