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0001609ArchFeaturepublic2014-09-17 23:50
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Summary0001609: Windows sill height property
DescriptionArch windows should have a property for sill height (optional from wall base, from level)
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2014-07-15 17:51

reporter   ~0004796

this property should probably be available both in the "preset window options dialog" as in the "property view data default table", if possible...


2014-07-15 18:05

administrator   ~0004797

This will take a bit oftime to implement, because at the moment the notion of "ground level" still doesn't exist and I'm still not sure how I want to do it...


2014-07-15 18:20

reporter   ~0004798

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i agree, but could it not be done for now as a quick workaround from "host wall base", just to give users a better experience?

as for the levels, i am not sure if this already exists in freecad or is it something planed, but i think i have read somewhere about "named workplanes"? they sound perfect for reuse as levels in arch. eventually i guess the correct way to go is that all objects of one level (ex. first floor) would be under that level (workplane) in the tree, as hosted on it... but that is another topic for some other place and time :)

ps: what i understand under "named workplane" is an workplane that can be set, named and saved in the tree. this should be useful for all sort of things.


2014-09-17 23:26

administrator   ~0005120

I am now fixing this by adding a sill height option to the window creation dialog. Adding a new property to windows still doesn't make sense while there is no way to specify what is the reference, though.

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