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Summary0000016: Basic Assembly stuff
DescriptionBasic function in the assembly module like:

Moving parts around
simple constraints like:
* contact
* axle
* offset

There for we need the Navigator and usage of the ODE lib
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2013-10-01 18:15

reporter   ~0003707

May be assembly constraints can be:

a) scriptable (One can rewrite standard primitive constraints by complex python script determining behaviour of constrained objects)
b) hierarhical (In Autodesk Inventor parts in subassemblies are frozen when we open assembly of higher order. It is sometimes useful, sometimes not. It could be good to switch between styles of assembly behaviour inside of a superassembly.)
c) built into special objects (may be instead of adding constraints, we should add special objects - bearings, etc. E.g. like in Algodoo, where constraints are determined by nature of objects.)


2014-05-18 07:26

reporter   ~0004689

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Hi Jürgen, would it be too bold to ask for a more elaborate explanation/overview of what you want to accomplish with this assembly feature?
I got a picture in my head, when I read the headline, of something similar to what you have in the big french program. Or do you have bolder ideas in mind?

Regards Pauvres honteux.


2018-06-13 13:28

administrator   ~0011427

Unassigning Jriegel

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