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0001560SketcherFeaturepublic2018-10-06 14:54
ReporterCABrouwers Assigned Toabdullah  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version0.13 
Target Version0.19 
Summary0001560: Provide ability to fine-tune auto constraints.
DescriptionIt could be nice to be able to select which constraints are automatically added when using auto constraints. For example, I usually would set the coincidence constraint on but I would rather turn the tangent constraint off because I find it is often creates unwanted constraints.
Tagsconstraints, Solver
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2017-05-22 13:32

administrator   ~0009079

@Abdullah do you mind weighing in on this ticket?


2017-05-22 21:47

manager   ~0009093

It is a rightful request. I also find tangency is sometimes getting in the way. It is just a new feature request... I assign it to myself ;)

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