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0001553FreeCADBugpublic2015-01-10 11:40
ReporterIan Assigned Towmayer  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platform32-bitOSWindows 7 
Summary0001553: printing drawing full size (1:1) prints wrong size
DescriptionWhen printing drawings 1:1 the drawings are printed incorrect size
Steps To ReproduceCreate drawing scale 1:1 print drawing measure drawing sizes do not match
Additional InformationTried borderless, no margins etc. nothing works. I have always been able to print correctly from solid works.
Tagsdrawing, printing, Qt
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related to 0000932 closedwmayer Unexpected scaling of a printed Drawing From FreeCAD but not always from exported SVG 



2014-05-18 16:48

developer   ~0004691

Please provide your FreeCAD version number.


2014-05-19 07:31

reporter   ~0004695

version 0.14 revision 3389


2014-05-21 08:30

reporter   ~0004716

Changing paper size also changes scale this should not happen


2014-05-21 12:20

developer   ~0004717

Does this problem only affect the QtPrinting dialog or does the problem also occur when you save the drawing to an .svg file and print the file with a suitable application (like inkscape)?


2014-05-21 20:28

reporter   ~0004718

Installed inkscape and printed the .svg file it appears spot on as far as I can measure with my digital vernier.


2014-05-22 01:30

manager   ~0004719

This is an old problem that has never been solved in FreeCAD AFAIK...

But changing the paper size should not change the scale of the views.


2015-01-09 23:37

administrator   ~0005604

The scaling as reported in 0000932 is fixed now.
> But changing the paper size should not change the scale of the views.
Really? Assuming you have an A3 drawing but only a printer for A4 why shouldn't it be allowed to scale down the drawing?

As long as you select the same paper size in the printer settings as you use for the drawing everything should be fine.

There is now a check that verifies orientation and page size and in case it differs a message box pops up asking the user how to continue.

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FreeCAD: master 396e9c93

2015-01-09 21:15:27


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+ fixes 0001553: printing drawing full size (1:1) prints wrong size Affected Issues
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