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0001542FreeCADBugpublic2014-05-14 14:18
ReporterLambdaTheUltimate Assigned Towmayer  
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Product Versiontrunk 
Summary0001542: 4 empty / blank buttons - Customize / Toolbars Tab / Move buttons (right,left,up,down) missing icons
DescriptionVersion 0.14 there are 4 empty / blank buttons (i.e. missing images / icons).

On 'Toolbars Tab' (between the two list panes) during Toolbar Customization.

Tool Tips work.
Steps To ReproduceRight-Click a Toolbar, click 'Customize', select 'Toolbars Tab'.

Buttons between 2 list panes are blank.
Additional InformationUsers (as I did) can guess what the buttons do (Windows Toolbar customization is fairly standard across many Windows applications).

Tool Tips work and help.
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2014-05-12 12:39

administrator   ~0004658

As version you said you use "trunk". So you are compiling from sources then? What is your current version number? And more important which version of Qt do you use ATM?


2014-05-13 19:21

reporter   ~0004671

'Unstable' release Windows 0.14 3389 32-bit (seems pretty stable) Qt is showing under Help | 'About QT' as 4.5.2

I selected 'Trunk' in bug report as '0.14' I think was not an option (I remember seeing 0.14 somewhere else, maybe as an option for bug filtering)


2014-05-14 09:34

administrator   ~0004673

Qt 4.5 is known to render certain SVG images incorrectly. Anyway I still have Qt 4.5.3 here and check how it behaves...

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FreeCAD: master 9e5ed987

2014-05-14 15:46:52


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+ fixes 0001542: 4 empty / blank buttons - Customize / Toolbars Tab / Move buttons (right,left,up,down) missing icons Affected Issues
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