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Summary0001537: python function to apply a placement to a shape
DescriptionWhen creating a complicated feature Tree i would like to cascade the placements. This works for many OCCT operations, but there is currently no operation to do it manually.
Working examples:
* Booleans create a Shape, which placement is null
* transformGeometry create a new shape which placement is null
* removeSplitter (AFAIK) creates a new shape which placement is null
For some special shapes it is possible to apply the Placement to the underlaying geometry and reset the top level-placement to null.
One example calling Part.Solid(oldsolid).
But this workaround is not available for other types of shapes. Especially compounds are problematic since there is no way (from) python to extract the first level children of a compound. Those could be feed i a list to the Part.Compound() Constructor.
The motivation behind this is, that the "top level placement" of a Shape is linked to the Feature Placement. Therefore it is desirable to return a Shape with a null placement in the execute function of a parametric feature.

I see the main usecase in a function that would be called after modifying a shape with transformShape.
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2014-05-09 10:39

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2014-05-12 18:13

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Part.Face(oldface) seems to keep the placement


2014-05-14 17:19

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please rebase and merge

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