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Summary0001507: [Feature] Arch: Two-Dimensional Building Heat-Transfer Modeling
DescriptionWould be useful if the arch module had connection to:
Two-Dimensional Building Heat-Transfer Modeling,
such as Therm (

Unfortunately Therm is for free but is not free Software

Afaik, there is still no free heat bridge software available.
One reason, to start with it in freecad and it will round up the
challenges of the arch module.

And: Is not there already FEM Functionality within FreeCAD?
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related to 0003021 closedm42kus FEM FEM - solver Elmer (Ongoing) 



2014-04-15 20:14

administrator   ~0004563

It is not open source (so there is no way to study it) and it runs on windows only. I'll keep this issue open, in case someone else wants to work on this, but I guess there won't be many people interested.


2014-07-19 01:25

reporter   ~0004812

this is open source and static heat bridges seemed to be even a subset of what performs this software. It includes all kind of thermal transfers, stationaries, 3D, convection, solar.
For my case it would be much, if we get static heat brigde simulation for each edge of solid or building on the base of given construction with the results somehow accessible. (lowest temperature point on inner surface)

So now it is question how to used the already invented wheel:
a) tool chaining it
b) recoding it as it is in java

Part of it should be in the end with in the domain of freecad: Visualisation.
It can be already combined with scetchup I think, so freecad integration can not be so far.


2017-05-08 06:05

administrator   ~0008913

Linked to 0003021 based on answer from
Looks like the most likely fastest way to integrate in to FC is via Elmer.


2017-12-09 12:33

administrator   ~0010555

Elmer solver has been added to FC in 0.17
Also take a look at this thread:


2017-12-09 14:15

administrator   ~0010558

Per @berndhahnebach (FEM core dev) I'm closing this ticket. If further desire to see this implemented, please feel free to start conversations on the forum.

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