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0001500FreeCADBugpublic2014-04-16 11:42
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Summary0001500: Some Draft Tools do not update display

Need to check each tool and ensure that recompute is called in right place.
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2014-04-11 00:26

manager   ~0004548

Note to self: behaviour with Draft Primitives is quite different from behaviour with Part Primitives. Part Prims cause recompute during commit, not all Draft Prims do. Recompute inside DraftTools will generally occur before commit, therefore not update display!


2014-04-14 21:36

manager   ~0004562

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Only Ellipse and Shape2DView are actually missing the recompute(). The other tools are split between recompute() in DraftTools and Draft.

Pull request for Ellipse/Shape2DView submitted:

Should go through Draft/DraftTools and make use of recompute consistent as an aid to future maintainers.


2014-04-16 11:42

manager   ~0004564

bugs fixed. Code cleanup to be handled as a separate issue.

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Fix Mantis 0001500 for Draft Ellipse,Shape2DView Affected Issues
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