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0001464SketcherFeaturepublic2014-09-18 16:50
Reporterbejant Assigned Toabdullah  
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Fixed in Version0.15 
Summary0001464: Feature Request for Easier Way to Find Conflicting Constraints
DescriptionFrom the following forum thread:

Sketcher reports conflicting constraints by generating a list of these in the Solver Messages area at the top of the Combo View window. When the user scrolls down to the Constraints portion of the Combo View window the Solver Messages window is consequently scrolled up past the top of the Combo View window so the list of conflicting constraints becomes unreadable. This is worse when the Report View and/or Python Console windows are enabled at the bottom of the FreeCAD window because the vertical size of the Combo View window is further reduced.

1. When conflicting constraints occur, highlight them in the Constraints window and in the 3D window. Maybe when Solver reports redundant constraints in orange text, highlight the corresponding constraints in orange in the Constraints window and in the 3D window. Ditto for conflicting constraints but in red.

2. Create a feature where the user can right-click on a constraint in the constraints window and have an option the zoom in to that constraint in the 3D window.

3. Create a feature whereby the user can opt to make the Solver window stay at the top of the Combo View window when scrolling down. Maybe another little button next to the expand / collapse button (it looks like a chevron) at the top right?
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related to 0001643 closedabdullah Sketcher: Button to remove all redundant constraints. 



2014-09-18 13:37

manager   ~0005124

Fixed in current master as of today (will appear in the PPA tomorrow).

Instead of automatically removing the constraints, it selects the conflicting/redundant constraints, then you press supr if you are happy with the selection.

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