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0000145DrawingFeaturepublic2012-05-16 17:31
Reporteryorik Assigned Toyorik  
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Target Version0.13Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000145: Allow the use of clipping planes on Drawing pages
DescriptionThis is in theory easy to achieve ( )
It works basically like this, you define a clipPath node, then everything else can have a clip-path attribute.

<g clip-rule="nonzero">
  <clipPath id="MyClip">
    <path d="..." clip-rule="evenodd" />
  <rect clip-path="url(#MyClip)" ... />

The question is how to implement it... It would be fairly simple to do the same way as I did with the draft module's patterns, basically a custom view, inserted before the actual geometry, that contains the clipPath definition.

Then, each view can have a clip-path attribute, that's more or less easy.

But I'm wondering if this wouldn't be a good opportunity to reflect over all those "non-seen" svg fragments? (pattern definitions, clip-path definitions, probably more will come). Maybe create a new type of "Resource" object, which has no "appearence" properties and would always be inserted before the rest in the svg file, no matter their order in the FreeCAD document?

I'll assign this to myself provisorily, but I'd like to hear your opinion...
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2011-09-17 14:04

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rescheduled for post-0.12...


2012-05-16 17:31

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