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0001395DraftFeaturepublic2014-05-07 22:28
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Summary0001395: Draft - add a pref setting to disable auto-face in closed draft objects
DescriptionThis way things would be more unified between draft and sketcher.
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2014-02-11 21:02

administrator   ~0004188

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Hm this is actually pretty dangerous... One could change the setting, open a file with suometing built in a draft object, then the imported object wouldn't be a face anymore, which would make the objects built on it fail.

I must think to another solution, maybe a per-object property...


2014-02-24 15:22

administrator   ~0004291

Likely we'll need a per-object property that says if it must become a face or not...

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FreeCAD: master 96bba087

2014-05-08 00:03:00


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Draft: Filling objects with faces is now optional - fixes 0001395

Closable Draft objects now have a new MakeFace property, that specifies
if they must be turned into a face or stay a wire only. Older Draft
objects continue to behave the old way for compatibility. The default
behaviour can be set in Draft Preferences -> Fill objects with faces
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