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0001365FreeCADBugpublic2014-01-26 22:35
Reporterulrich1a Assigned Toyorik  
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Summary0001365: Draft-workbench:Flatsvg export put the drawing content outside of the viewing window making it unusable in the drawing workbench
DescriptionExport a draft or something else as a flatsvg produces an svg, that shows nothing, if loaded in the drawing workbench. Opening the same file in Inkscape makes it visible, that all content is outside of the viewing window.

The fix is simple: line 1182 in hat to be changed from:
svg.write('<g transform="translate('+str(-minx)+','+str(-miny+(2*margin))+') scale(1,-1)">\n')
svg.write('<g transform="translate('+str(-minx)+','+str(maxy)+') scale(1,-1)">\n')
Steps To ReproduceMake something in the draft-workbench.
Export it as flatsvg.
Open the file in the drawing workbench.
Open the file in inkscape.
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2014-01-23 23:50

administrator   ~0004119

Thanks for the fix! I'll test and add it ASAP

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FreeCAD: master c3e8a157

2014-01-26 23:32:35


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Draft: applied ulrich1a's fix to svg output - fixes 0001365 Affected Issues
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