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0001298RaytracingFeaturepublic2020-12-03 22:41
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Fixed in Version0.19 
Summary0001298: Multi-Color Support For Single Part in Raytracing Workbench
DescriptionAs mentioned in on the FreeCAD forum, currently the scripts generated by FreeCAD for raytracing can not handle more than one color per part.
Steps To ReproduceFeature Request - No steps to reproduce.
Additional InformationIncreasing the ability of FreeCAD to produce raytracing scripts that contained the information needed to render any single part with multiple colors would be an asset for producing graphical presentations for both personal and professional endeavors.
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related to 0002438 closedhowetuft raytracing WB: adding support for multi-color object (fused in a single part) 



2013-11-06 19:42

administrator   ~0003860

Uh oh... That wont be easy, since the meshing makes the whole part and doesen't know about the faces it came from.

We would have to change the meshing to per face....


2013-11-06 19:52

administrator   ~0003861

Indeed, but someone could be interested in implementing this at some point, so I suggested to quick61 to add a feature request already... I'll set it to low priority


2020-12-02 11:27

administrator   ~0015048

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@howetuft is this possible in the Render WB ?
(Since Raytracing WB has been superceded by the Render WB)


2020-12-02 21:26

developer   ~0015052

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Yes, it is possible if the part is an Assembly, made of subparts (see picture below).
In a more specific way, it is also possible for parts supporting multimaterials (currently restrained to Arch Windows)
Assembly2.png (560,554 bytes)   
Assembly2.png (560,554 bytes)   


2020-12-03 20:30

administrator   ~0015058

@howetuft thanks for replying, what does '(currently restrained to Arch Windows)' mean ?


2020-12-03 21:45

developer   ~0015061

Multimaterial feature is currently implemented for Arch Windows, Walls and Panels in FreeCAD (Arch Multimaterial), but I've implemented support only for Arch Windows at the time. You can see an example in the above picture: the windows and the door are made of a brown matte material for the frame and a glass material for the glass panel, all of them embedded in a multimaterial.
Maybe one day I'll extend to Arch Walls and Panels; but it is not very useful for rendering, as the core material is hidden most of the time...

Nota (credits): example below is Villa Savoye model, by paullee, rendered with Appleseed.
Appleseed.png (652,845 bytes)   
Appleseed.png (652,845 bytes)   


2020-12-03 22:38

administrator   ~0015062

@howetuft thank you for the elaboration. So I think we can close this ticket. Perhaps you can open a ticket on Render WB regarding extending Render support beyond Arch Window?

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