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0001226SketcherBugpublic2016-03-06 16:48
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Fixed in Version0.16 
Summary0001226: Font rendering in sketcher workbench on Windows 7
DescriptionOn Windows 7 (64 Bit, SP1), contraints-fonts are rather difficult to read. There seems to be a problem with rendering those fonts on windows (See attached image).

This happens both with FreeCad 0.13 and FreeCad 0.14 (Rev. 2370).

I also tried FreeCad in Kubuntu (dual-boot) to test wether it might be a (hardware) problem on my side. But on linux everthing looks fine.

My guess is there is either an issue with the font that is beeing using on Windows or a problem with the font rendering on windows... :(
Additional InformationExample of correct font size and "resolution":
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2013-08-20 07:22


Font.jpg (321,078 bytes)   
Font.jpg (321,078 bytes)   


2013-08-21 21:35

reporter   ~0003502

Similar to second note in this Mantis ticket:


2016-03-06 02:39

administrator   ~0006880

The drawing of fonts in the sketcher has changed a lot since 0.14... Is this still an issue?


2016-03-06 11:52

reporter   ~0006883

@yorik, the user can change the size of constraint text. Abdullah added this a while ago, so this ticket can be closed. However, the user still can't change the size of Constraint points or line widths in Sketcher, so ticket 1203 is still open (and IMO the relationship to ticket 1203 should be removed).


2016-03-06 16:47

administrator   ~0006887

Okay, so I'll close this ticket, and indeed the relationship doesn't need to exist, I'll remove it too.

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