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Summary0001206: Sketcher select tool (hand with pointing finger)
DescriptionMake the select bi-directional. i.e. If moved from right to left it will select all objects "fully in" the box. If moved from left to right, it will select all objects "cut" by the box. (or vice-versa) The above would apply in the vertical direction either up or down.
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duplicate of 0000462 closed Sketcher Sketcher: allow box selection 



2013-08-17 17:10

reporter   ~0003488

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In AutoCAD and IntelliCAD products this is called window selection. My humble suggestion is that when selecting objects via a selection window by clicking left-to-right, the edges of the selection window appear as solid lines, and only objects wholly inside the selected window are chosen. When objects are selected via a selection window by clicking right-to-left, the edges of the selection window appear as dotted lines, and objects wholly inside the selection window AND objects that cross the selection window are selected.

Or perhaps make the window behavior changeable by the user
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Just my two cents worth.

This method of selecting objects is very handy for moving and stretching objects.


2013-09-15 10:34

reporter   ~0003583

This is the same as ticket 0000462:


2013-09-21 11:19

administrator   ~0003603

Close it because it's a duplicate

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