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Summary0001166: Arch Railing
DescriptionA railing is an object that can span on a certain length (or follow a baseline), and can be made of several types of subcomponents:

- extruded pieces that follow the baseline
- placed pieces that are repeated at certain fixed intervals
- placed pieces that are repeated a certain number of times over the length of the baseline

The typical example is the railing of a balcony, which has horizontal bars that span all the border of the balcony, vertical bars placed every 10cm, and stronger vertical bars at each corner of the balcony

Needs to define a good system to define and organize these subcomponents.

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2013-12-22 13:50

administrator   ~0003963

This will be reformatted as a generic frame object, capable of catering all the frame-based objects found in a building, such as:

- railings
- frame walls
- roof framing
- etc...

It will be based on a sketch or any other 2D object (so one can take advantage for example of the Draft Array, to make parametric frames) and on a profile. Each wire of the base sketch will serve as a guid to extrude the profile, resulting in a complete frame, like the rebar object.

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