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0001041GCSFeaturepublic2018-04-27 21:42
Reporternaught101 Assigned Tochrisb  
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Product Version0.12 
Summary0001041: Highlight unconstrained features of a sketch
DescriptionWhen you have a complex sketch with lots of constraints, but with a few degrees of freedom, it is sometime nearly impossible to figure out which parts are not constrained. It would be great if it were possible to somehow highlight vertices or edges that are not constrained, temporarily, so that appropriate constraints can be added.
Tagscolors, constraints, Solver
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duplicate of 0000704 assignedabdullah Sketcher Fully constrained report based on primitives (Lines, arcs) 
related to 0002069 assignedabdullah Display which parts of a sketch are fully constrained. 



2014-08-14 21:07

administrator   ~0004947

Here is a macro that could be useful:


2017-05-02 21:26

administrator   ~0008859

@Abdullah can you weigh in on this ticket?


2017-05-03 12:37

manager   ~0008878

The issue with "show me what is fully constraint" or "show me what is not fully constraint" is the same issue.

I discussed with a user that seemed interested in the problem here:

I do not have a full solution in my head at the moment, but it sounds feasible. I have been tempted to give it a go several times.

Currently it is not in my priority list. Eventually if nobody does it I will give it a go.


2017-06-26 12:29

reporter   ~0009533

Hi ! As a user I looked for this feature multiple times. The progressive highlight described in 0000704 and 0002069 sounds really great and intuitive !


2018-04-27 21:42

developer   ~0011214

Duplicate of 0000704 and 0002069

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