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0001029FreeCADFeaturepublic2017-02-10 23:54
Reporterkrys_barry Assigned Toyorik  
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Summary0001029: Transparency lost in compound
DescriptionWhen two or more shapes are combined into a compound shape the transparency values are all reset to zero. I assume that this is a bug as clours are retained.

Afterwards the transparency of the entire compound can be changed, but not that of individual objects. This means that it is not possible to create, for example, a window object consisting of transparent panes in an opaque frame.
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related to 0000848 closedabdullah PartDesign [PartDesign] Keep Transparency and Colors when adding a feature 
related to 0001626 closedchennes FreeCAD Transparency not respected when highlighting 
has duplicate 0002806 closedyorik FreeCAD Loading a boolean objects Transparency get lost 



2013-02-26 16:29

administrator   ~0002947

That's more a feature request than a bug...


2017-02-10 23:07

administrator   ~0008270

Objects can now store per-face transparency. So this is now probably easy to do, I'll have a look

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FreeCAD: master d7ed8c43

2017-02-10 23:53:57


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Part: Set per-face transparency in boolean ops - fixes 0001029,0002806 Affected Issues
0001029, 0002806
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