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0002624DraftBugpublic2018-03-08 11:08
Reporterwandererfan Assigned Towandererfan  
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Product Version0.17 
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Summary0002624: Draft Patterns Not Installed
Descriptionsrc/Mod/Draft/Resources/patterns is not copied to build directory by Cmake.
Steps To Reproducebuild FreeCAD - no patterns!
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2016-07-15 00:46

administrator   ~0007191

They are actually part from the resource... So they are not meant to be installed. But that can change if needed of course.
Also, the idea is to abandon them and start using the DrawingPatterns module I started to develop in Drawing.


2017-03-24 15:16

administrator   ~0008697

@yorik since Drawing WB is planned to be deprecated.. should this move to TechDraw ?


2017-03-24 16:06

administrator   ~0008700

It doesn't really depends on any of them, so it doesn't matter i guess... It's more a packaging question


2017-05-10 13:24

administrator   ~0008936

@sgrogan I'd comment to the forum but the thread was locked. What's your take on this?


2017-11-28 04:45

administrator   ~0010490

@sgrogan1 ping


2018-01-02 22:43


Wow, I just saw this now, sorry. I think it's a CMake question. These patterns were designed to be used from the Draft resource file, the DrawingPatterns are probably deprecated by PAT support in TechDraw? I could hack around this on Win and maybe Ubuntu, but not OSX.

If TechDraw can use these files, we should use CMake to copy them from the Draft sources to the TechDraw build and then install them.


2018-01-03 15:16

manager   ~0010685

TechDraw can still use SVG patterns as fill, so not really deprecated. Draft will still only be able to use the ones in the Resource file?


2018-01-03 21:10


Yes, Draft/Drawing uses the resource file so they are "baked in". I have no idea if TechDraw can use the resources, but with CMake we could copy and install the files from the sources into the TechDraw/data directory. By deprecated I mean I think @yorik abandoned the DrawingPatterns module development. If I understand, PAT support in TechDraw accomplishes the same thing.

I'm not suggesting to remove .svg support, I'm an Inkscape fan, I'm just not sure how to handle it.


2018-01-05 00:12

manager   ~0010705

PAT does something similar, but SVG can make more complicated patterns.

I vote for copying source to data directory. Otherwise we need to rebuild a resource file to add new patterns.


2018-01-05 20:08

administrator   ~0010711

SVG patterns are more powerful than PAT, they can do a lot more than just drawing lines, you can virtually reuse any SVG fragment as a pattern. But the main problem is the lack of support for SVG in QT. There was some hope that QT5 would bring decent support but it didn't happen, so the DrawingPAtterns modules laid a bit abandonned...

I wouldn't discard SVG patterns idea, because they are really cool... But at the moment the PAT system in TD works much better.

About the svg files in Draft, TBH I hahve no good idea of what to do with them just yet. Maybe it's a good time to think a kind of universal, FreeCAD-wide pattern support structure?


2018-01-05 22:16


@yorik, what do you think about just copying the .svg's to data/Mod/TechDraw with CMake as an intermediate solution, so they can be used by TechDraw. I think most of us that use them do it this way.


2018-01-06 22:33

administrator   ~0010725

@sgrogan1 yes this seems good for now, after that I can make Draft use that instead of the resource (no need to have both)


2018-03-08 11:08

administrator   ~0011019

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