Scheduled For Release 2019-12-31
0003208: [Bug] Wall additions can not be set to auto (floor height).
0003882: [Bug] Add and subtract in Arch workbench don't follow object selection order
0003246: [Bug] Fix IV mode in Sketchfab exporter (yorik)
0003859: [Bug] Can't make an arch wall from some curves (paullee)
0002543: [Feature] Implement GBXML export (yorik)
0002356: [Feature] Add a set of structural nodes tools (yorik)
0000515: [Feature] Arch module - Auto dimension tool (yorik)
0002448: [Feature] Support for IfcProfileDef (yorik)
0002577: [Feature] [on hold] Support for hatch patterns (yorik)
0002581: [Feature] Support material properties in IFC (yorik)
0002584: [Feature] Support for SweetHome3D xml-based files (yorik)
0002880: [Feature] Make father walls handle multilayer walls (yorik)
0003228: [Feature] Taper for structural objects (yorik)
0003229: [Feature] Add "fill shape" to Arch sections (yorik)
0003231: [Feature] Export meshes to IFC and handle hi-res objects (yorik)
0003237: [Feature] RCP plan (yorik)
0003238: [Feature] Auto section/elev marks from section plane (yorik)
0003239: [Feature] Room finish marks (yorik)
0003240: [Feature] Door/Window marks (yorik)
0003241: [Feature] Level marks (yorik)
0003243: [Feature] Allow to auto make a Window from solids (auto recreate base wires and extrusions) (yorik)
0004141: [Bug] Multi-solid walls are not correctly exported to IFC (paullee)
0003868: [Bug] missing tooltips in the Arch preferences (uwestoehr)
0003864: [Bug] Arch/BIM wall and roof subtraction : _Roof object as no attribute sub (yorik)
0003643: [Feature] Add' button in Arch section does nothing for an empty selection (yorik)
0003816: [Feature] thickness of the step mirror in the stair-building tool (paullee)
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