Scheduled For Release 2020-12-31
0004543: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when OCC fails with fillets and chamfers
0004534: [Bug] Multiple python extensions added lead to proxy problems
0004265: [Bug] Undo doesn't restore the state as it was before opening a transaction (realthunder)
0003930: [Bug] Hard Crash when discarding the formula editor on a scaled object
0004436: [Bug] Points_Structure command does not work properly
0003786: [Feature] Ability to cycle between selectable objects (using a keyboard shortcut)
0004454: [Bug] DXF files open with wrong line thickness. Resaving lost thickness information
0004263: [Bug] Problem with negative offset "Placement" when the preference are "Building US" units
0003625: [General] Incomplete Wiki Pages to be completed before 0.18/0.19 release
0003796: [Bug] Shortcuts "V1" .. "V7" to change the "Draw-Style" didn't work in sketch view
0003254: [Feature] Wrong paths to fonts occur when you exchange models between different systems. An 'Embed' option would be useful
0003966: [Feature] Support switching the inputfield unit scheme per control explicitly in Python
0001792: [Feature] Move Export 3D SVG From Export To Tools Menu
0003710: [Feature] Placement should remember "Apply incremental changes" checkbox setting
0002821: [Patch] IDF Import of Step Models
0004073: [Bug] [MacOSX Catalina] Unable to save (most likely due to security permissions)
0003554: [Bug] fillet fails on cut torus
0003498: [Feature] Preference categories not showing up if specific workbench has not been visited
0002652: [Bug] Display glitch: transparent cylinder in foreground only shown as wireframe when mouse over a transparent box in the background
0002041: [Bug] FreeCAD warns when applying thickness "BRepAlgo_Image::Bind"
0004186: [Bug] hang on union of objects
0003988: [Bug] the function Import.readDXF doesn't import Bsplines
0004206: [Bug] Transparency display lost on multicolored object when reloading file
0004431: [Bug] Crash after editing Part Design feature links with DAGView active
0003081: [Feature] MacOS application crashes should generate Diagnostic Reports
0004423: [Bug] qwindowsvistastyle.dll does not style the line color
0004178: [Bug] Part Design auto-generated Body not placed under existing Part
0004180: [Bug] [regression] DXF export option "project exported objects along current view direction" no longer working
0003744: [Bug] Open file dialog freezes the laptop for several minutes (approx. 2 min) <-- Due to missing Code Signing
0003626: [Bug] OpenSCAD causes Multifusion failed with some empty translates
0004098: [Bug] FreeCAD should not exit if unable to rename backup file to project file while exiting
0004024: [Feature] any change in a spreadsheet forces a recomputation of the whole part
0003673: [Bug] HIDPI related bug where text doesn't fit grey box in "Documents" when the software starts.
0003923: [Feature] TreeView widget, reorder the object in tree view by user
0003990: [Bug] Placement dialog fails after click on 3d view
0003904: [Bug] Draft _ Delete objects while command is active
0003896: [Feature] Dependency Graph: Panning
0001818: [Bug] Bool Op representation error
0003768: [Bug] Losing Origin and/or Geofeatures
0003536: [Bug] Sketcher Issue while using Windows high constrast mode
0000495: [Bug] Inconsistent translations for workbench names
0003393: [Feature] Configuration wizard when launching FreeCAD for the first time
0003960: [Bug] freecad help broken in ubuntu appimage (looo)
0003738: [Bug] [macOS] Wrong display of icons in toolbar (peterl94)
0004104: [Bug] Void property value defaults to 1 (wmayer)
0004081: [Feature] Abillity to show console output when running under Python (wmayer)
0002956: [Feature] wishlist: use $XDG_DATA_HOME/freecad for system.cfg and user.cfg (wmayer)
0004402: [Feature] scientific notation for displaying numbers (wmayer)
0002738: [Feature] Provide Hash source installation (sgrogan)
0003758: [Feature] Sign AppImages (triplus)
0003963: [Bug] Only alpha comma key can be used as decimal separator (openBrain)
0001756: [Feature] Show all currently assigned Keyboard Shortcuts with commands as list (wmayer)
0003420: [Bug] SVG imports from inkscape lead to wrong dimensions (yorik)
0004120: [Feature] Improve tooltips for the FC preference panel (make them more verbose) using the content from the wiki (Kunda1)
0001294: [Feature] Configure light sources (wmayer)
0003844: [Bug] PVS: The pointer was not released in destructor. A memory leak is possible. (wmayer)
0004021: [Bug] Gesture Navigation style fires additional events on MacOS (DeepSOIC)
0001971: [Feature] Boolean Operations With Multiple Arguments (wmayer)
0001954: [Bug] Set colors doesn't work on objects that have edit mode reimplemented (wmayer)
0000494: [Feature] Objects names in Label & Attributes Tree View should be translatable (wmayer)
0004500: [Bug] FreeCAD segfaults when changing focus (mlampert)
0003931: [Bug] After successful flatpak download from flatpak hub, 'flatpak run' gives seg fault (vejmarie)
0004473: [Feature] Translation of all openCommand() (Kunda1)
0003851: [Bug] missing material card name in material editor dialog (uwestoehr)
0004043: [Bug] Shape.exportStl locks FreeCAD (abdullah)
0004453: [Bug] Error triggered when trying to clear the property by the property editor and Link dialog (wmayer)
0004407: [Bug] Documentation: Problem Part.Wire (yorik)
0002951: [Feature] Include Graphviz in FreeCAD application bundle (vejmarie)
0003945: [Bug] UI: Can't move Preferences window under POP!_OS 19.04 (Ubuntu 19.04 based)
0004000: [Feature] Ability to suppress console output when running under python (wmayer)
0004147: [Feature] 'Pick Radius' option in unintuitive location within preferences (Display > General > Color); should be moved (wmayer)
0004229: [Bug] Compilation fails with PySide2 5.14: PYSIDE2RCCBINARY missing
0004372: [Bug] Regression: SpaceBall model rotation stops when focus leaves 3D view panel
0004209: [Bug] Crash of FreeCAD 0.19 on undo (abdullah)
0004148: [Bug] Status bar displays mm unit only regardless of user setting in Preferences (wmayer)
0003746: [Bug] inconsistent constrain tool behaviour (openBrain)
0004326: [Bug] [Path] Simulation Doesn't work with new toolbits (dubstar_04)
0004228: [Bug] LGTM: OpenSCAD/ply/ __getslice__ method has been deprecated since Python 2.0 (keithsloan52)
0004130: [Bug] FreeCAD 0.19.x doesn't 'remember' stylesheet that was set in previous session (triplus)
0004282: [Bug] Tool Table Icons Missing (dubstar_04)
0004276: [Bug] Loading a project takes much more time compared to previous versions (wmayer)
0004182: [Bug] Segfault when clicking constraints from a different viewport (wmayer)
0004195: [Bug] Python 3.8 Compatibility incl. Shiboken/Pyside (was: Unable to use addon manager) (wmayer)
0001893: [Bug] 3D mouse rotation issue (Kunda1)
0004131: [Bug] Import spreadsheet into TechDraw, looses properties (wandererfan)
0004164: [Bug] Crash when opening a document using "Recent files" without creating a new document before (wmayer)
0004158: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when deleting spline (wmayer)
0004057: [Bug] Nightly builds not working on Fedora 30 (pfirszt)
0004136: [Bug] Crash in Addons manager Workbenches tab (yorik)
0004103: [Bug] Black screen when using rubberband selection (wmayer)
0004125: [Bug] MDIViews not accessible corerctly (wmayer)
0003130: [Bug] FreeCAD 0.17 Qt5 bugs with external display (wmayer)
0003913: [Bug] libspnav crash on linux wayland during startup (wmayer)
0003986: [Bug] Changing view attributes does not trigger "File changed" status (wmayer)
0003866: [Feature] Missing tooltips in preferences dialog (uwestoehr)
0003993: [Bug] Memory leak with Python3 (wmayer)
0003979: [Bug] Pocket with mode "up to face" doesn't work correctly (wmayer)
0003969: [Bug] OSX: Spaces in path to FreeCAD program not supported (chrisb)
0004005: [Bug] Material, self edited material cards could break importer and thus all material system (berndhahnebach)
0003774: [Merge request] Support of QtWebEngine as alternative to QtWebkit
0003884: [Patch] Add information about desktop environment in FC info
0003861: [Bug] Sketch change plane when changing Attachment Offset (UI quirk) (wmayer)
0002868: [General] Port QtWebKit to QtWebEngine
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Scheduled For Release 2020-12-31
0003981: [Feature] Add Expression support to certain fields
0003487: [Feature] Add ability to copy objects with expressions linked to spreadsheet
0003696: [General] Constraints lose values upon reloading file.
0003925: [Bug] Negative numbers with multiple units interpeted as expressions
0004236: [Bug] Placement.Rotation.Axis in expressions requires multiple recomputes after changes (wmayer)
0004196: [Bug] Expression parser does not allow "/" after first member
0004119: [Bug] spaces in names cause fail to parse expressions. (realthunder)
0003379: [Bug] Certain identifiers (like h, rad) cannot be used as names for constraints for usage in expressions (eivindkvedalen)
0002766: [Bug] Expression link is cuting by creating new object (eivindkvedalen)
0004191: [Bug] Freecad 0.19pre crashes in spreadsheet (wmayer)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-12-31
0003902: [General] Translation: "displacement" in ship.ts and fem.ts have different meaning and need differentiation in the sourcecode
0004394: [Feature] Clean up the ElectrostaticPotential task panel, make it smart and pretty. (HoWil)
0004395: [Feature] Homogenise/update selection dialogues in FEM (HoWil)
0003933: [Feature] Meshing should be non blocking or at least has a progress bar/log output (berndhahnebach)
0003901: [General] Many English strings that aren't translated in FEM workbench (berndhahnebach)
0004389: [Bug] Results pipeline is not automatically updated (berndhahnebach)
0004027: [Bug] Material settings can not be edited in FEM workbench (Kunda1)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-12-31
0004034: [Feature] Easier Way to Toggle BOPCheck On / Off
0002677: [Feature] Extend TopoShape API with topology traversing functionality
0002508: [Bug] Lofting edges get swapped over
0000122: [Feature] Part reference element
0001288: [Feature] Edit Mode for Part::Spline (wmayer)
0003407: [Feature] Provide Attachment mode perpendicular to an existing plane
0002700: [Bug] Part Offset2D fill offset problems
0002842: [Bug] Crash on "Face from Edges" (upstream OCC bug) (peterl94)
0004456: [Bug] Regression : Part.Plane.Intersect do not accept plane as argument (wmayer)
0004230: [Bug] 2nd edit of Chamfer @ Part-WB crashes, while 1st edit reports "Illegal storage access!" in the ReportView
0002034: [Bug] Measurement arrowheads are ridiculously out of proportion at some scales/zooms/measurements. (yorik)
0003890: [Bug] missing tooltips in the Part preferences
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Scheduled For Release 2020-12-31
0004532: [Bug] Canceling a dressup does not clean up properly
0003914: [Bug] Path Stock using Existing Solid not maintaining state
0003481: [Feature] Allow use of Draft Picker to set start points in paths.
0002916: [Feature] Add knife align up function to locate knife at begining cut precisely
0002660: [Feature] Improving path surfacing object feature
0003099: [Feature] Tapping (sliptonic)
0003570: [Feature] PATH: Facing Operations with large tools
0002839: [Feature] Dogbone dressup needs visualisation and preferences (mlampert)
0004280: [Bug] LeadinLeadout DressUp Causes Tool Crash on Deburr Ops
0003984: [Patch] Creating a Path Job object fails with "PySide2.QtWidgets.QDialog' object has no attribute 'templateGroup'" (wmayer)
0004009: [Bug] Dog bone locks up on path with two surface elements (mlampert)
0003989: [Bug] Wrong simulation after setting a start point
0003336: [Feature] Tool Data Struture, Library, and Editor overhaul (dubstar_04)
0004038: [Bug] PathArea offsetting produces incorrect pocket path if shape is small relative to tool (realthunder)
0004507: [Feature] Add depth support to vcarve operation (sliptonic)
0004458: [Bug] [PATH] Engrave 'start at vertex' gives wrong path (sliptonic)
0004463: [Feature] LeadIn/Out Dressup needs a task panel (schildkroet)
0003542: [Bug] Clean up import/export UI (sliptonic)
0002812: [Feature] Dressup to remap gcode based on probe data. (sliptonic)
0002606: [Feature] need an R to IJ conversion function for preprocessors (sliptonic)
0003480: [Bug] Lead in/out dressup produces poor paths on operations with multiple start points. (sliptonic)
0003750: [Bug] LeadInOutDressup does not work for circles (sliptonic)
0004327: [Bug] [Path] - Deburr operation errors if the toolbit doesnt have a FlatRadius attribute (sliptonic)
0002840: [Feature] Dragknife dressup needs editor and preferences (sliptonic)
0003452: [Feature] add shade effect to task panel sections to simplify (sliptonic)
0003464: [Feature] Need an improved import pre-processor for external gcode (sliptonic)
       0003463: [Bug] Imported Path prevents creation of tool controller (sliptonic)
0004260: [Bug] boundaryDressup causing tool crashes. (sliptonic)
0003346: [Feature] Provide run-time estimation for Path operations and jobs (sliptonic)
0004022: [Bug] Tool library "New Tool" (dubstar_04)
0004008: [Bug] Phantom paths are displayed when job origin is moved. (russ4262)
0003982: [Bug] base object jumps out of position while trying to create a pocket operation (russ4262)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-12-31
0004138: [General] Step-by-Step tutorial for External workbench devs to translate their workbench (Note: Translations are not possible ATM!)
0003707: [General] MacOS 0.17 stable link not uniform with other 0.17 links (Change this for 0.18 release only!) (blacey)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-12-31
0002457: [General] Add an option in Raytracing preferences to toggle between adding hard coded presets or not (howetuft)
0001953: [Feature] Support meshes in Raytracing module (yorik)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-12-31
0003603: [Feature] Preserve sketch colors in DXF exports
0003345: [Feature] Provide Alignment Guidelines On Drawing Page
0003692: [Feature] Add Centermark for Circular BSplines
0004082: [Bug] TD Fails to Display Section of Assembly (wandererfan)
0003004: [Feature] TechDraw - "non-Vertex" Dimensions (wandererfan)
0004266: [Bug] crash on selecting TD element in tree when page not shown (wandererfan)
0003604: [Feature] Dimension drawings are exported into DXF wrongly (wandererfan)
0004170: [Bug] TechDraw: Unicode Character Problem in SVG Export (wandererfan)
0003944: [Bug] faulty TechDraw drawing does not display and deleting it crashes FreeCAD (wandererfan)
0004085: [Bug] Fail on PropertyFileIncluded Rename (Windows only?) (wandererfan)
0003573: [Feature] TechDraw - Hide individual lines in the drawing (wandererfan)
0003574: [Feature] TechDraw: Highlight individual lines (wandererfan)
0003965: [Bug] Frame/Vertex Toggle Doesn't Alway Work (wandererfan)
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