Scheduled For Release 2018-12-31
0003827: [Bug] Can not add panel in language different to english (yorik)
0003001: [Feature] Option between creating the walls walltrace, as sketch or as draft (yorik)
0002747: [Feature] Sandwich panels (yorik)
0003247: [Feature] Allow to draw a beam/column directly, like walls (yorik)
0003242: [Feature] Experiment using App::Part in Arch Cells (yorik)
0002556: [Feature] grid object refinements (yorik)
0003236: [Feature] Make all Roles available to all Arch objects (yorik)
0003365: [Bug] Shift+B box selection DOES NOT deletes text nor dimension guide/helplines (yorik)
0001751: [Bug] 3d views from mesh - some generated shapes have errors (yorik)
0003590: [Bug] Arch Py3 unicode problems (yorik)
0003249: [Feature] Allow to auto make a Window from solids (auto recreate base wires and extrusions) (yorik)
0003558: [Bug] Arch Windows - Problem with Draft to Sketch (yorik)
0003478: [Bug] FreeCAD doesn't create walls (yorik)
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