Scheduled For Release 2020-12-31
0004001: [Bug] Sketcher trimming issue with arcs (uwestoehr)
0004384: [Bug] Formula editor not active window when invoked (wmayer)
0000845: [Feature] [Sketcher] Sketcher and Transparent solids (abdullah)
0003842: [Bug] undo of move operation results in new state (abdullah)
0003952: [Bug] Sketcher grid spacing isn't kept (openBrain)
0004054: [Bug] lengths in reference mode length are treated redundant (abdullah)
0004055: [Bug] wrong default value for grid size (openBrain)
0004105: [Bug] Automated changing of coincidence+line/line tangency with auto remove redundants can remove the wrong constraints (abdullah)
0004272: [Bug] Sketcher object selection detection is flickering (abdullah)
0004177: [Bug] Sketcher polyline perpendicular/tangent line to first point collapse (abdullah)
0004051: [Bug] Hang FC and Linux edit a sketch with edge farrrrr from Origin (abdullah)
0004144: [Bug] Sequence of clicks for creating symmetry differs between "select element first" and "constraints continue mode" (abdullah)
0003659: [Bug] Tangent constraint shows no effect in 3D view (abdullah)
0003793: [Feature] Naming reference constraints on doubleclick (wmayer)
0003978: [Bug] unchanged reference dimensions lose reference mode (wmayer)
0004087: [Bug] [Crash FC & Function Bug] - Part:FeatureGeometrySet (abdullah)
0004188: [Bug] Editing a subtractive box in PartDesign doesn't show the shaded box (wmayer)
0003926: [Bug] Carbon copy in construction mode reports wrong constraint redundancy. (abdullah)
0003973: [Bug] Carbon copy of a sketch results in unresolvable sketch (abdullah)
0004013: [Bug] Sketcher falsely reports line already constrained (horizontal/vertical) (abdullah)
0004012: [Feature] Sketcher should handle zero length lines better (abdullah)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-06-06
0001343: [Feature] Request for additional (dynamic) detail in error messages
0001416: [Feature] Constraints creation "on the fly"
0002492: [Feature] Multiple entities overlayed
0002774: [Feature] Can not select points in sketcher properly when changing viewangle
0003054: [Feature] Sketcher - List of important but empty wiki pages that need contents
0003086: [Feature] CTRL key during line operation increase the snap active area such that it is easy to match points
0003107: [Feature] Customize Sketcher units
0003181: [Feature] Allow to toggle the construction of points
0003203: [Feature] More convenient arc-drawing in polyline mode
0003374: [Feature] Sketch + Gui.SelectionEx() - - - Identify Geometry Index Outside Edit Mode
0003576: [Feature] Orthogonally restrict dragging of geometry in Sketcher (invoked by pressing ctrl or shift or ctrl+shift)
0003996: [Bug] Shortcut buttons for primitive shapes are not highlighted when active
0004126: [Bug] 0 length lines in sketch introduce bugs at Part-> Revolve time
0004220: [Bug] Most of the sketcher shortcuts are not working
0003803: [Feature] Improvement of "Constraints" list in the Sketch task of the "Combo view"
0000847: [Feature] [Sketcher] Dragging + snap to grid
0003489: [Feature] Toggle visibility of all construction geometry
0001271: [Feature] Allow User to Toggle Automatic Grid Sizeing in Sketcher On and Off
0003910: [Bug] sketch lost tangent constraint using trim
0004538: [Bug] Redundant constraint is ignored by the solver (abdullah)
0004512: [Feature] Alternative constructions methods for B-Spline (abdullah)
0001436: [Feature] Sketcher: Break a Line and Add a Point onto a Line (abdullah)
0001560: [Feature] Provide ability to fine-tune auto constraints. (abdullah)
0002052: [Feature] Add Chamfer Edge-Tool (abdullah)
0002078: [Feature] Support to apply equality constraint on angles (abdullah)
0003110: [Feature] Sketcher: add support of relevant constraints to B-splines (abdullah)
0003438: [Feature] Show in Sketcher if the sketch is closed (abdullah)
0003660: [Feature] Infinite lines in Sketcher (abdullah)
0003668: [Feature] Implement offset curves in the sketcher (abdullah)
0003671: [Feature] Sketcher Analysis interface improvements (abdullah)
0003681: [Feature] Valid profile validation at sketch exit (abdullah)
0003682: [Feature] Sketch Analysis new tests (abdullah)
0003684: [Feature] Support for trimming arcs of hyperbola and arcs of parabola (abdullah)
0003708: [Feature] Add an Offset tool to the Sketcher (abdullah)
0003718: [Feature] Block constraint does not work on GeomPoints (abdullah)
0003743: [Feature] Control log output of solver (abdullah)
0004053: [Feature] CarbonCopy should use names of constraints if available. (abdullah)
0003649: [Bug] Improve handling of block constraint if dimensional constraints are involved (abdullah)
0003655: [Bug] GeomAPI_ExtremaCurveCurve fails to detect intersection (upstream OCCT bug) (abdullah)
0003667: [Bug] wrong normals of tangents of ellipses (abdullah)
0003863: [Bug] Point-on-line not correctly auto-removed when redundant (abdullah)
0004292: [Bug] Dimension values are displayed from reverse (abdullah)
0004483: [Feature] Improve UI to specify weights for B-splines (abdullah)
0004398: [Feature] Improve the sketcher clone tool (abdullah)
0004522: [Bug] SketcherSettingsColors.ui inconsistencies (abdullah)
0004056: [Feature] missing sketcher preferences for unconstrained highlighting (uwestoehr)
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