Scheduled For Release 2018-12-31
0003941: [Bug] Draft WB Label bugs with Python 3 (yorik)
0003881: [Bug] Draft preference Interface Mode / Toolbar forces minimum main FC app window size (triplus)
0003485: [Bug] Draft : The move tool does not work correctly (yorik)
0003826: [Bug] Draft.BSpline crashing in console mode (yorik)
0003581: [Bug] Draft PathArray Align=True not work on custom sketch path (wandererfan)
0003389: [Bug] Using Draft-PathArray on a Sketcher Arc with Align=True results in "Value out of range" (wandererfan)
0002304: [Bug] Duplicate multi selection of sketch element produces many sketches (yorik)
0003732: [Bug] Menu groups in Draft menu are not translated even though translated strings exist (wmayer)
0001973: [Feature] Improve GUI of Shapestring-command (wandererfan)
0003484: [Bug] Open paths are closed upon upgrade (normandc)
0003392: [Bug] Draft snapping doesn't work correctly on shapes that are inside a moved Part container (yorik)
0002792: [Bug] Negative distances measured in feet/inch calculated incorrectly (yorik)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-12-31
0002562: [Feature] Add Skew/Shear Angle to ShapeString
0003787: [Bug] Can't add point to wire
0004278: [Bug] Working Plane Proxy origin hijack nearby object
0004094: [General] Incorrect behavior of the Label tool in the Draft workspace
0004108: [Bug] Coordinate input not always relative to current working plane
0003987: [Feature] Label feature doesn't carry out a straight arrow in 3D mode
0003340: [Bug] Massive memory leak in Draft (yorik)
0003971: [Bug] Draft Upgrade tool generate errors in Report view then crashes (yorik)
0003817: [Bug] Draft Preferences "Always show the grid" have no effect (yorik)
0003853: [Bug] ShapeString is not editable (yorik)
0002488: [Feature] Standard paths issues from import SVG to FreeCAD (yorik)
0001951: [Bug] Draft workbench preferences snap settings does not use "units" settings (yorik)
0003354: [Bug] Draft Clone does not maintain the colours of the original (yorik)
0002349: [Feature] Use Units widgets in preferences pages (yorik)
0001367: [Feature] Extend Draft Edit mode to work with 3D shapes (yorik)
0002795: [Feature] Allow cherrypicking individual lines from a sketch when creating a wall (yorik)
0003235: [Feature] Allow to change Draft Label's target object (yorik)
0004146: [Bug] Draft->SelectPlane fails when selecting shape face (yorik)
0004153: [Bug] "Not authorized to open this file" in Draft Preferences on Windows (wandererfan)
0004162: [Feature] Draft Feature: change pointer 'Pick Radius' based on if the user is editing or selecting (carlopav)
0003537: [Bug] [macOS] Draft Edit mode not working (HiDPi issue) (yorik)
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