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Abdullah Tahiri wmayer master 2015-06-03 17:01:14 master 280019dd
Changeset Sketcher: Major re-structuration: New Solving Model: General Sketch Solve call reduction


ActSketch in ViewProvider dissapears. The temporal sketch (sketch.cpp) for solving is now a data member of SketchObject.cpp (hereinafter solvedSketch). All the solving is concentrated in SketchObject.cpp.

SketchObject provides an interface to expose its solver, as it is still currently needed for some UI operations from ViewProviderSketch, like dragging points (solving rubber bands).

ViewProviderSketch still can select whether to draw the solvedSketch geometry (previously ActSketch) geometry (UI staff) or the SketchObject geometry. Performancewise, it makes sense to separate this two
geometries, as the SketchObject one involves modifying the Geometry and Constraint Properties (including all the undo related functionality), which would mess the undo functinality and incur in a big
peformance penalisation while dragging. One characteristic of solvedSketch is that its geometry is solved, whereas the geometry of SketchObject may not have been solved yet.

These geometries may differ at for the following reasons:
1. The geometry corresponds to an ongoing dragging operation, so solvedSketch has the last calculated dragging geometry, while SketchObject has the one corresponding to initial position.
2. Geometry/constraints were added to the sketch, but no solve/execute was triggered yet (envisioned situation is the future group creation functionality not in this commit).

What do I gain?

- Inserting a (simple) geometry element now costs 1 solver execution.
- Inserting a constraint now costs 1 solver executions.

For reference, in previous versions inserting a constraint involved 5 solver executions.

The following information provide a historical review of the coding of this commit (formed of 10 squashed commits):

This is a general sketch solve call reduction, not only during geometry creation (this commit does not include until here any specific measure to reduce calls on geometry creation, that is another branch)

After a lot of profiling, it seems that the "cause"(tm) that creates so many solver calls is that every update generates a solving in ViewProviderSketch, regardless of the need for that update,
many times with the only aim of providing the DoF for the message dialog and keeping ActSketch in sync with SketchObject in case it is needed (currently UI moving points, constraints,...).

Sketch solver is now a data member of SketchObject instead of a temporal object that gets initilized and destroyed.

This allows:
1. Potentially more synergy reducing calls to setUpSketch (still to be seen, still to be optimized)
2. Allowing SketchObject to access the latest geometry that has been solved => In future, allow objects that use SketchObject to obtain the latest
solved geometry instead the geometry of SketchObject that may still be unsolved. This is relevant for drawing the geometry

No more solving in ViewProviderSketch. Solving a Sketch is now an exclusive competence of SketchObject.

There is however a lot of cleaning to do in ViewProviderSketch

(I mean, not that these commits are making a mess in VPSketch,
but that as a consequence of the changes, it should be possible to
optimize VPSketch, specially moving and drawing methods)

Very useful comment for future developers that may wonder why a solve per constraint just upon addition is necessary.

Added a new function to get the size of the geometry of the instance of the solver object (Sketch.cpp).
The previous way was to extract the geometry, which is costly and error prone, as you have to delete it afterwards.

Inserted comment about the necessity of triggering a Part2D update during edit mode
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