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chennes abdullahtahiriyo master 2020-11-05 22:53:08 master 6cac6d93
Affected Issues  0004478: Active constraint tool blocks sidebar tasks from working
Changeset Release handler in commands where not needed

Fixes 0004478: Active constraint tool blocks sidebar tasks from working.

Many commands are interrupted by the existence of a handler. Rather than having these commands silently cancel, purge the handler if a command executes that does not need it.

When right-clicking on an item in the Constraint Task sidebar, any current operation is cancelled and the FreeCAD selection is synced with the selected items in the constraints QListWidget. This allows all of the menu items in the context menu to function properly: if the selection is not synced, anything that relies on the FreeCAD selection (like Delete) will sillently fail.
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