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DeepSOIC wmayer master 2014-11-01 19:17:46 master ec03fb54
Changeset Sketcher: Responsivity tweaks and AngleViaPoint Constraint

Solver iteration limit independent of system size (reduces hangs when
solver fails to converge).
Repaint() instead of update() to force render for every movePoint.

Sketcher: New Constraint AngleViaPoint

* Adding generic CalculateNormal() method
* Reconfiguration of GCS geometry classes: adding a base class "Curve",
that has a pure virtual function CalculateNormal().
* Initial inplementation of the new function.
* adding Vector2D class (I wanted to reuse the existing, but got wierd
compile errors, so implemented a new one... TODO.)
* Adding redirection support into GCS shapes. Adding a Copy method to
* Automatic point-on-object
* Angle precalculation: when AngleViaPoint is added, angle is properly calculated based on
existing geometry.
* Added tangency-via-point using one.
* Implemented placement of tangency-via-point icon in 3d view. Also
affected is the placement of point-on-object icon (since it is very
similar code, it is now shared with tangency-via-point)
* Placement and moving of angle datum
Functions: calculateAngleViaPoint, isPointOnCurve,
calculateConstraintError exposed to python
* Endpoint tangency: All endpoint-to-endpoint and endpoint-to-curve tangency now works
through AngleViaPoint constraint and obsolete code clean up (most procedures
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