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Mark A. Taff wmayer master 2014-10-28 04:25:14 master c8d7f70d
Changeset Ellipse implementation: Several bug fixes

I. Fix minor bug where wrong b was used to create ellipse internal geometry.

Tweak the internal geometry code a bit and reformat it so it isn't so wide.
Also begin debugging constraint conflicts on small circular ellipses.

There seem to be two issues currently in major/minor internal geometry lines:
  1) Sometimes minorLength > majorLength due to round-tripping doubles, and
  2) Constraint conflicts when majorLength > minorLength by an epsilon on the order of 1e-6

(cherry picked from commit 5c3e20af1a95c860112289dcdda54ea99778bc3a)

II. When testing for a valid ellipse, also ensure that the mangled major axis length > the mangled axis length.

This additional condition ensures that major and minor axis constraints don't conflict in the case of small
(nearly) circular ellipses.

The is still a potential bug in the solver when the major length is just slightly larger than the minor, but this fix
makes it nigh impossible to reproduce.
(cherry picked from commit 7e274bc32d9aa1a12ab52bfa33ed80353540b062)

III. Code clean up

Remove redundant 3d vectors.

(cherry picked from commit c656d5165c8bae8f101a2b46af6b12348d06cefe)
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